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Spike in interest

Funny that the competition closing has spiked a huge interest in people. Hello to everyone who has only just come to the site in the last few days, its nice to see you and thanks for all the questions. Apologies that we've not got round to answering everyone individually yet, theres been quite a few, just spent the morning scanning through them all.

To answer the most common questions we've had so far.

1. No we are not department of the government. We are just a group of designers who want to get people to look at democratic issues from a creative point of view.

2. Sorry but I'm afraid the competition closed at midnight 22 April.

We understand that lots of people including a few design schools have only just found out about the competition but we can't really offer another extension. We already bowed to public pressure on the original deadline of 19 April in light of the volcano mischief and we can't really extend it again. The judges are already arranged to meet on the morning of the 26 April and we want to have the results announced prior to the election on 6 May.

In saying that, if anyone does still want to submit their ideas anyway, then they are very welcome to do so and they will be uploaded to the site, they just won't be elligible for the prizes. If you entry arrives before midnight on Sunday 25 April then we will make sure it does get presented to the judges, you just probably won't get a shot at the prizes.

3. Prizes - Yes the main prize will be chosen by the general public from a list of prize nominations that the competition entrants have submitted. We will be taking their suggestions and uploading a prize poll for you all to vote on, later today.

4. Yes, we might well do another competition similar to this later in the year. If you are interested in finding out when this happens then follow the RSS of this site or become our follower on twitter.

5. No sorry we can't help with getting a job. Common of Houses is just a small project that we are running and we can't actually hire any design staff to work on it.

6. Yes the competition is free to enter but I'm afraid that it is now closed.

We will try to reply to everyone individually next week and if anyone has any more questions then please drop us an email.

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