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The Art of Politcs

We suggest a journey; a travelling exhibition that collects and conveys information from the most northern towns and cities of Scotland to the cities in the south of England. Publicity for the exhibition will be raised through local and national press releases as well as advetising and poster campaigns. Starting small, the exhibition will grow under the contributions of local people and councillors until reaching the final destination of London where an iconic event will be held involving key members of political parties and the pubication of a book collaborating the material gathered from the journey.

The exhibition will take place in spaces around the country, such as art galleries like the GOMA and The Serentine Gallery. It will consist of projected videos and images concerning the voting campaign. This will be accompanied by newspaper articles collaged on a wall and sculptures that will visually represent and communicate the values of each pollitical party. There will also be an exhibition piece on the history of the voting system, including topics like, the suffraggettes and the introduction of the welfare system. This will hopefully emphasise to people how important it is to exercise their right to vote. As well as educating the public we also want to get them involved so we propose that their opinions are collected in the format of postcards that will be displayed in the locations. Each individual postcard will be suspended from wire and together they will form a sculpture of thoughts, that is gradually added to from city to city.



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