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Vote in the Wall

People are not using their right to vote due to apathy and inconvenience.

Make voting as easy as… going to a cash machine.

The idea would be for the Government to partner with the high street banks to use ‘hole in the wall’ cash machines as a means to vote in elections. (It’s not as if they don’t owe us a favour.)

Once at the cash machine, the voter would insert their card and pin as normal. An option would appear on screen: Would you like to vote? Yes or No.

If the customer presses Yes a screen would display the various political parties. When a political party is selected a second screen with the candidates name would appear. Press Yes to vote. Press No to go back.

And that’s it. The vote would be transmitted direct to a secure independently monitored server (and not the bank).

The technology could also be used online either via bank websites or a bespoke Govt web portal or interactive kiosks in shopping malls etc.

Millions more people voting.



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