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The Scoop System

We decided that politics is too boring and makes to much sense to politicians and not enough sense to the ordinary folk. Apparently, you can tell when a politician is lying when he opens his mouth, so we decided that there would be NO celebrity, NO personality to cloud the serious game of politics. Simply ice cream. Pure and innocent, it reveals a childish excitement and could be just the incentive to vote that the remaining nonchalant 40% of the population may need to get interested.

The ‘Scoop System’ is a totally new way to collect the votes of the nation, and to distribute seats in the House of Commons. There are no people to vote for, only policies. Voting age is extended to 16 to re􀃽ect school leavers who do not continue with education but move straight onto work, and therefore need representation.

Hundreds of Ice Cream Vans will replace polling stations and travel to all the corners of Britain searching for un-cast votes. They will play music and remind people to vote as they travel across the country. The voter must choose from a menu of ice creams that represent the party with the policies and manifesto that they wish to see in Government. The ice cream incentive is intended to increase political participation.

The voter receives their ice cream by presenting their polling card with a barcode matrix unique to them. This contains information and a photograph to prevent fraud or gluttony.

Members of Parliament are reduced to 400 to alleviate some of the burden on taxpayers. This also removes the traditional constituency model. Instead the 400 MP’s posts will be divided proportionately between the 20 parties that gained the most votes. The Party with the most votes will ‘Scoop’ the election and have the largest proportion of seats. This will create a more representative Parliament and help smaller parties to have more of a say in politics.

The parties would have to put forward 50% Male and 50% Female MP’s to occupy seats, to remove the oppressive male bias in the UK’s political system.

As for the ‘jobs on the side’ trend -

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