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Willie Sullivan

[From Spin Profiles]
Willie Sullivan is campaign director for 'Vote for a Change', the campaign for a referendum on a change to the voting system. He favours proportional representation as part of the solution to the problem of politicians failing to put the interests of their constituents first.

According to Sullivan's biography on The Guardian's website:
He was an official with the Scottish Labour Party where he realised that the current electoral system gives Party Managers and politicians too much power. He worked for Fairshare, the successful campaign to get a proportional system to elect Scotland Councillors and worked on Social Cohesion projects in the Southside of Glasgow, particularly with Muslim communities.
Sullivan is critical of "the era of the hobby MP", when MPs give little attention to Parliamentary activities and their constituencies. He wrote in The Guardian:
"When some politicians are holding down what are effectively full-time jobs in between representing their constituents, scrutinising legislation and keeping the government in check, something has to give. And that, it seems, is the voters... Constituents will continue playing second fiddle until we see a voting system that obliges politicians to focus on what's really important – the interests of their voters."

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