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Colour Chart

You walk into the voting booth to be met with an array of coloured cards like the paint isle in B+Q. Each party has its own colour range, including; Labour reds, Conservative blues, Lib Dem yellows, SNP oranges, Green greens and a delicate range of BNP whites.
You take a card from the rack for the party you wish to support and make a tear in a shade on that card. Each shade on the card represents someone within the party. The party whose colour card is most chosen gets to be in power and the person whose shade is most torn gets to be PM.
[Note the names shown on these example cards are the historic leaders of each party - not a suggested list of those competing for leadership.]



Blogger sa said...

Hey, really like the colour schemes! Maybe B+Q could run a themed masonry paint range round about election time, with people having to paint their house/flat with the colour of preference. All the UK would look like Tobermory.

Only problem is that those who abstained from the scheme, and who had white walls, would be branded BNP supporting racists. Ah well, I guess that reason enough to get down to BQ and buy yourself a nice colourful tin of paint!

February 2, 2010 at 6:52 AM  

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