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Imagine a perfect democracy. Imagine that every vote really matters and makes a difference. Imagine that instead owaiting years until the next elections you can vote in every moment for every law or law proposal. We present you the new generation of electoral system. We proudly present the votebook. It is a web portal for voting which you can access from every computer or from specialised touch screen voting devices that are placed in public spaces. You can share your opinion with otheres, influence the opinion of your paty or make your own suggestions. You can stay anonymous but your don't have to. Younger generations who are disappointed and have lost faith in politicis can now easily see the results of their decisions and maybe get more active in politics. We also didn't forget ther older generations. Voting devices are simple to use so you don't have to know anything about computers to use them.

When it comes to expenses it is much cheaper than the present electoral system. If you think that you don't need over 600 members of parliament anymore then you can have only a few representatives of each party and that is a saving of about $38 million every year, and about $70 million more for cost of ever elections. It is more than enough savings to finance the deveices and its a one time purchase, all further costs would be for maintenance of devices and system.

Its a great opportunity to usher a new age for democracy so vote for the future - vote for the Votebook.

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