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Donate Your Vote

There are millions of people all over the world who live under a dictatorship and are deprived of the freedom to choose who governs them. It is within your power to give these people the rights they deserve.

Act today, and generously donate your democratic vote to someone less fortunate than yourself. All you have to do to sponsor a democratee is simply send your ballot paper, along with the manifestoes of all your candidates, to a recipient living under military rule or a dictatorship and allow them to decide on your behalf. In return we will send you your completed paper plus a photograph of your sponsored voter at the happy event of marking the X.

Sleep soundly in the knowledge that with as little as the cost of a first class stamp your vote will not be wasted. Allow your democratee the luxury of weighing up the suitability of each candidate for the job, before deciding the best party for you.

Your vote will be free from the interventions, manipulations and edits of the British media, and of course from your very own disinterested apathy or cynicism toward the process. You know whoever you choose to exercise your right to vote will undertake their responsibilities with utter conviction, safe in the knowledge that they will not be punished for their actions by their own leaders. They will certainly appreciate this chance at civil liberty more than you ever will.



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